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NACE level 3 coating inspector

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Date of last connection: 2013-03-04

Mr. Ja... W...

4206BC Gorinchem

Current situation:

Current position:

Current industry:

Total working experience: 11 to 15 years

Job sought:

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract

Positions: as above, ,

Industry: oil and gas, ,

Available as of: 01 august 2009

Desired salary: day rate to be agreed. Eur


Education level / Diplomas:

Other training courses :
as above mentioned.

Divers :


read, written, spoken: Dutch, English and German fluent in speak, read and write.



City/Town: Abu dhabi

Département Mobile

Region: Mobile

Country: Émirats arabes unis


Mr. Ja... W...


4206BC Gorinchem

Nationality   : Dutch
Languages   : Dutch, English and German, fluent in speak & writing

Education   : MBO-High school painter school / Nimeto
     Corrosion engineering study
     Chemistry study at former employer / Paint manufacturer.

Computer skills  : MS-office / Excel etc. (Notebook etc available)

Certificates   : NACE Certified Coating Inspector # 12470 / Level 3.
     Chartek Certified PFP Inspector/ Certificate no. EMEA-QC029      VCA ** Safety course certificate.
CINI Full Certified Insulation Inspector Thermal / Acoustic & Cryogenic.
Work location   : Worldwide

Mobility   : Single International Mobile, Rotational, Hardship Location.

Training   : NACE CIP course level I, II and III Peer review.
: Chartek Approved Fireproofing Inspector.
: NTCI CINI full insulation course
: Sigma Coatings training course(s) on corrosion and
corrosion control.
: Course on application and inspection of passive fire proofing
: Plural component pump applications WiWa-Germany
: VOM courses surface treatment / anodizing / Galvanic 1 & 2
: NACE Bridge and marine stamp soon.
: Chemistry and corrosion courses.
Professional Membership : NACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineers

Professional Equipment : Owns latest and most sophisticated equipment for
professional inspection, surveying, claim investigation etc.


Over twenty years as Senior Coating Inspector / Coating Consultant / Coating Surveyor / Coating Supervisor / Coating superintendent/ fireproofing inspector / Insulation inspector.

Fully conversant with a diversified range of coatings, paints, paint techniques, and
specialized coatings such as; Spray Applied Coatings, Reinforced Linings, Thermal Spray (flame and arc), Pipe Coatings, Tank Refurbishment , Fireproofing Coatings, Plural Component Spray, Shop Painting, Floor Coatings, Cementitous Coatings, Inorganic Zinc Silicates, Yacht Coatings, Rubber Coatings, Fouling Release and Hot and Cold Insulation, Ceramic coatings etc.


2009 August - November 2009
Client – Woodside Australia
Project – NR2- Pluto Project.
Duties – TSA inspector

2007 Oktober- Present / July 2009
Client – BP Norge A/S
Project – Valhall Re-development Project.
Duties – BP coating inspector / fireproofing inspector / insulation inspector.

2007 September- 2007 October
Client – Beckers Netherlands
Project – Re-fit / Tank coating and hull coating Thailand.
Duties – Owners coating representative.

2007 July – 2007 August
Client – Pamela Shipping Belgium
Project – Tank refurbishment project
Duties – Owners coating representative.

2007 May – 2007 July
Client – BP Belgium
Project – Land storage tank refurbishment project
Duties – Owners coating representative.

2006 November - 2007 April
Client - Chevron Houston USA.
Project - Chevron Nigeria Escavados Gas Project Phase 3A / Frade FPSO project –
Abu Dhabi / Dubai UAE
Duties - Owners Coating Inspector / Senior Coating Inspector

2006 September- 2006 October
Client - Disney Cruise lines USA
Project - Refurbishment Cruise liner MV Disney Wonder / Norfolk USA
Duties - Senior Coating Inspector / Team leader inspection team.

2006 August-2006 September
Client - Wisco USA
Project - FBE pipeline Turkey Socotherm / Adria Italy
Duties - Senior Coating Inspector, owner’s representative

2006 April - August 2006
Client - Dutch Government
Project - BMK Project / Watergate dam refurbishment / Netherlands
Duties - Senior Coating Inspector/Consultant

2005 October-2006 April
Client - Van Uden international Shipping
Project - Conversion / refurbishment of two Ro-Ro vessels / Tivat Montenegro
Duties - Owners Coating Representative

2005 September
Client - Noble Drilling USA
Project - Refurbishment Drilling Platform Al White / the Netherlands.
Duties - Owners Coating Representative / Coating Inspector

2005 July – 2005 September
Client - Wagenborg Shipping
Project – Refurbishment MV Slingeborg Gothenborg Sweden.
Duties - Owners Representative / Coating Inspector

2005 June -2005 July
Client - ADM Europoort / Chemical Plant
Project – HCL tank refurbishment / Insurance job
Duties – Insurance Coating Inspector.

2005 May - 2005 June
Client - Flinter B.V.
Project - Tank and hull re-coating program / Las Palmas Canaries islands.
Duties - Owners Representative / Coating Inspector

2005 May
Client - Wagenborg Shipping
Project - Hull recoating with hot spray Ice class coat. Bremerhafen Germany
Duties - Owners Representative / Coating Inspector

2005 April
Client - Jotun Netherlands
Project – Super Yacht MV Berzinc / Complete Hull recoating.
Duty - Senior Coating Inspector

2005 February - 2005 April
Client - Fabricom GTI/Sicon Major Projects
Project - STATOIL Hammerfest Snowwhite COLDBOX Assembly Project Antwerp/Belgium
Duties - Senior Coating Inspector/Fireproofing/Insulation Inspector

2004 August - 2005 March
Client - Dutch Government / Province State Department.
Project - Complete refurbishment and Recoating of Boskoop bridge
Duties - Project manager / Coating supervisor.

2004 January - 2004 March
Client - Allseas Group S.A.
Project - Full recoating of hull pipe laying vessel / Freeport Grand Bahamas
Duties - Owners representative / Senior Coating Inspector.

2003 June – 2003 September
Client - Vroon Shipping
Project - Full recoating of hull vessel and tank survey / Viano di Costello Portugal
Duties - Owners representative / Senior Coating Inspector.

2003 June - 2003 July
Client - Heerema Marine Contractors
Project - Survey Crane Vessel Hermod / Fort Fuchon USA
Duties - Owners representative / Senior Coating Inspector.

2003 January - 2003 June
Client - Sigma Coatings Netherlands.
Project - Several Surveys / Far East Asia.
Duties - Senior Coating Inspector.

2003 January – 1991 October
Worldwide inspections / survey etc. Chief / senior coating inspector for Sigma Coatings international inspection and field services department. FPSO’s, FSO’s, VLCC’s, Offshore modules, Bridges, Tank Linings etc.


2003 - present
NACE Certified Coating Inspector / Supervisor / Consultant and Surveyor at refineries, power plants, marine, yachts, offshore, Hot & cold + acoustic insulation inspector, fireproofing inspector

Sigma Coatings Netherlands
2003 January – 1991 October

Senior coating inspector International Field Department / Head Office Netherlands.

World wide tank coating projects. New building of tankers, Bulk carriers, Bridges, Tank rehabilitation and refurbishments, FPSO’s, FSO’s, Offshore installations and modules, Yachting, Team leader of inspection teams.

DNC/DNL/ Paint contractors
1991 October - January 1991

Assistant manager paint contractors in Netherlands and abroad

In charge of large projects as assistant project manager in new building and renovation maintenance offshore production platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO/ FSO/ FSU, marine jackets, topsides ,ships, bridges, water gate dams, tank linings and refurbishment, pipelines FBE or coatings , TSA & TSZ ( thermal sprayed aluminum or zinc), cold and hot insulations etc worldwide. Worked with customers, owners and government, advisors, and naval and construction architects engineers world-wide.

International paint
1991- 1990
Paint Inspector
Paint Inspector on mostly ships either new building or dry dockings, FPSO / FSO, yachts but also pipelines and tank coating, structural constructions or plants, and offshore modules, topsides etc. The inspections were carried out world wide.

Maincon / Dietsmann / 3C / DNL
1990 – 1983
Foreman / Assistant project manager
Different contractors for onshore and offshore

After period as foreman to collect experience assisting the project manager for new building and maintenance of drilling oilrigs, production platforms also with riding squads at sea, cold and hot insulation , FPSO/FSO, pipelines, chemical plants, refineries, bridges etc.
Arranged labor, logistics etc. made calculations for pricing, product specifications and quality control and inspections etc.

REFERENCES (Also as manufacturers technical representative Sigma Coatings Marine / PC)

BP Valhall Re-development Project Netherlands / Norway
Chevron Frade FPSO Dubai UAE
Chevron Texaco EGP Project – Abu Dhabi UAE
Pennzoil / Wintershall offshore platforms - Netherlands.
Unocal offshore platform - Netherlands.
Conoco offshore platform - Netherlands.
Paktank/Vopak new building plant / Singapore.
Elf Aquitaine platforms- Norway.
NATO Tanks - Turkey, Iskenderun.
NATO Tanks – Malta, Valletta.
NATO Tanks – Gibraltar.
Norsk Hydro - Norway.
Öresund bridge – Sweden.
Roller coaster for Phantasia Bruhl –Germany.
Tanker refit project Beckers Thailand.
Socotherm Group pipe manufacturer – Italy / Nigeria.
Group five pipe. Pipe manufacturer – Republic South Africa.
SPS pipelines. FBE - Kenia
ABB Power station’s – Aqcaba Jordan.
Snovit project Statoil Norway.
CPL- Tank refurbishments – Warri/ Port Harcort Nigeria
Allseas – Grand Bahamas
Barber Ship Management– Shanghai China
Statoil - Norway.
Kizomba A FPSO
Fertilizer plant new building – Orange Free State South Africa.
Float Glass Factory – Mersin Turkey.
Offshore & Onshore Windmills – Netherlands
FPSO Turret Mooring Bluewater – Netherlands.
Bonga Project.
Umgeni water board Pipeline – Kwa-Zulu Nathal / South Africa.
Sea trucks/ West African Dry docks- Port Harcourt Nigeria
Maersk- Carena Abijan Ivory Coast
Maersk Malaysia.
MOL refinery – Budapest Hungary.
Petroland offshore-North sea.
Placid Oil offshore-North sea.
Mathilda bay Beer brewery- Freemantle Australia
Caltrex refinery – Australia.
Stena Lines - Ireland
Global offshore drilling platform – Port Gentil Gabon.
Heerema crane ship "Balder"-Rozenburg, Netherlands.
Heerema crane ship "Thialf"- West African Coast
Heerema crane ship "Hermod"- Fort Fuchon / New Orleans USA
MV Disney Wonder – Norfolk Virginia USA
P&O MV Ocean Princess cruise vessel – Italy / Grand Bahamas.
Princess lines MV Grand Princess cruise vessel - Italy
Princess lines MV Dawn Princess cruise vessel – Italy.
Princess lines MV Sun Princess cruise vessel – Italy.


Heerema Marine Contractors

Thialf Complete coating survey including tanks for 3 months.
Hermod Coating survey of both cranes and A frames.
Balder Coating survey of both cranes and A frames.

ADM Plant Rotterdam.

HCL tanks survey condition on rubber and glass lining.


Bosphorus bridge survey condition to establish coating condition
NATO underground tanks Iskenderun.
Silos of float glass factory Mersin.
Pipelines at Hendek


Aqaba Power plant survey. Was coating inspector at new building, survey after five years guarantee.

Kwa-Zulu Nathal South East Africa.

Drinking water pipe line of Umgeni valley water board survey of coating condition.
Was the responsible coating inspector during factory coating at Group Five Pipe in Johannesburg RSA.

Nairobi ASP pipeline group. Surveyed pipelines coated with FBE for owner.

New building/maintenance, coating inspection, corrosion survey (incl. glass mat reinforced / hand lay up mat or chopped fiber spray) inorganic/organic and plural pump application at NATO, Vopak, Oil tanking, , Shell, Exxon, Elf, MOL, Petrobras, Q8 etc. in Russia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and Australia.

For various ship owners such as Stolt Nielsen, , Jo Tankers, Barber, Royal Dutch Navy, Odfjell SA, Bluewater FPSO, Bergesen Norway, Heerema, Maersk etc.- tank linings, hull coatings, coating condition survey, maintenance, repair and new building in Europe, USA, Africa and Far East.


Inspection of surface preparation, faring & yacht finish application on new buildings and for various yacht owners. Especially on fouling release coatings.

Various coating inspection jobs on ship new buildings, ballast tanks, cargo tanks, hull coatings and chemical plants.

As Senior Field Service Engineer involved with field development Fouling Release / Silicone coatings / Solvent free tank coatings / GRE tank linings field and laboratory tested in the U.S.A., South America, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Mediterranean Area, Africa and Far East Asia.

As Senior Field Service Engineer and Freelance Inspector involved in handling and solving coating problems failures of various nature.

All the mentioned activities have been reported in detail to the customers in the English language.

Familiar with international coating standards like; ISO, etc.

Cover letter

Mr. Ja... W...

4206BC Gorinchem

NACE level 3 coating inspector


Please find enclosed my CV in connection with the above position.

As you will see from the enclosed details I am a qualified and highly experienced hands-on Corrosion, Coating, Fireproofing, TSA and Insulation Professional with more than 20 years extensive onshore and offshore experience within the construction, oil & gas and petrochemical industries in both the Netherlands and abroad.

Experience has including coordination and supervision of subordinate inspectors, monitoring practices, implementing specifications, interpretation and evaluation of coating reports and to liaison with clients and production management.

I would really appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you further how I may be able to make a valuable contribution to your company’s operations either in this job or any similar position you may have available now or in the near future.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Nace certified coating inspector # 12470 / level 3 with peer review
NCTI CINI certified insulation inspector
PFP Chartek certified fireproofing inspector

Mr. Ja... W...

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